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Project Forum Documents

The website for NASDSE’s long-standing, but no longer active, project, Project Forum, has been taken down. All documents from the Project Forum website – -- which included documents from the last 15 years of the project can now be found in the list of publications below.



State Definitions of Significant Disproportionality

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Author: Paula Burdette

This In-Brief Policy Analysis describes states’ definitions of significant disproportionality as described under Section 618 of the Individuals with Disabilities Act 2004. Data was collected through a survey with states and jurisdictions. Responses indicate that although some states’ definitions are not complete, most states have developed procedures to analyze significant disproportionality with respect to identification. Fewer states have procedures in place to analyze this with respect to the other two areas: placement and discipline. An appendix with sample definitions in each of the three areas is included.

July 2007

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