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Project Forum Documents

The website for NASDSE’s long-standing, but no longer active, project, Project Forum, has been taken down. All documents from the Project Forum website – -- which included documents from the last 15 years of the project can now be found in the list of publications below.



Neuroscience and Special Education

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 This brief policy analysis provides an overview of how findings from neuroscience are being applied to special education, describes outcomes from the research bridging the two fields and discusses how institutions of higher education and others are creating interdisciplinary links between the two. The second section of the document profiles three programs currently serving students with disabilities that base their curriculum in part on findings from the field of neuroscience. Brief concluding remarks include the need for successful collaborations between neuroscientists and special education researchers; the need for leaders in the field of special education to possess an understanding of brain development across the lifespan and of research in these bridged fields.

July 2011

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