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Project Forum Documents

The website for NASDSE’s long-standing, but no longer active, project, Project Forum, has been taken down. All documents from the Project Forum website – -- which included documents from the last 15 years of the project can now be found in the list of publications below.



National Longitudinal Transition Study-2: A Synthesis of Three NLTS2 Reports on Going to School, Youth Achievements and Services and Supports

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Author: Anne-Marie Knokey

This In-Brief Policy Analysis synthesizes three reports from the NLTS2. It describes students with disabilities’ school and classroom contexts, patterns of course taking, characteristics of classroom instruction; highlights student outcomes related to school programs and experiences and parent expectations; and discusses the importance and challenges of providing services and supports for youth with disabilities. A discussion of policy implications and next steps for future analyses of NLTS2 is given.

May 2006

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