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Project Forum Documents

The website for NASDSE’s long-standing, but no longer active, project, Project Forum, has been taken down. All documents from the Project Forum website – -- which included documents from the last 15 years of the project can now be found in the list of publications below.



EDFacts: Special Education in the New National Education Data System

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Author: Eileen Ahearn

This In-Depth Policy Analysis begins with a background on the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) development and implementation of a single repository for K-12 education data. It also includes a summary of interviews held with seven state special education directors and/or their data managers along with each state’s EDFacts coordinator to obtain information on the states’ submission of special education data via EDFacts. Findings are reported in the following areas: State staffing; Interaction between general and special education divisions; Effect of EDFacts on SEA structure and operations; Changes in special education reporting; Technical assistance from the ED for the transition to EDFacts; and Benefits and challenges of EDFacts. The document closes with a section on observations and conclusions.

November 2007

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