FY 2021 President's Budget Released

There is a lot to digest in the request, but early themes include:
  • School Choice and Education Freedom
  • Local control
Highlights include:
  • Promotion of education freedom scholarships for $5 billion. 
  • IDEA funding total of $14 billion which is a $100 million increase (Part B),  Flat funding for the remainder of IDEA.
  • Consolidation of nearly all (specifically 29) K-12 ESEA programs into a block grant of $19.4 billion, which results in a cut of $4.7 billion.  Consolidated programs include Title I, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, and English Language Acquisition.
  • Increases to Career & Technical Education (CTE) of $900 million.
The U.S. Department of Education budget can be viewed here.  Outside of the Department, there are funding cuts to many agencies and programs including SNAP and Medicaid.

NASDSE will continue to advocate on the Hill for significant funding increases in IDEA which fulfill the 40% promise, outpace inflation, and support public schools in providing a robust and equitable education for students with disabilities.